Calm mummy, ready daddy, happy baby

This is a subject very close to my heart.

I have endometriosis, and pregnancy doesn’t happen naturally to me. I was never a baby person: I loved my carefree life. So, when I was told at the age of 38, that I should try an IVF now, or it may be never,  I thought, “oh well, let’s just try once, to avoid regret later. Nobody gets pregnant the first time, right?” But I did…and it turned my life upside down.

I have learned a lot from this difficult experience and now I feel that having my child was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. However, it was a rocky road. Being in a country where I didn’t speak the language well enough to seek therapy and have maternity classes certainly didn’t help. What did help though, was the incredible commitment and constant help of my husband, which we still enjoy as a family.

Obviously, some couples don’t have any of these problems. They are sure of what they want. When they decide to start a family, it happens, easily and naturally. Both parties are ready for the changes about to happen in their lives and have a large network of helpers. The pregnancy goes well. The baby arrives without any problems. They bond, adapt and sail on!

However, in my experience, not all families are so lucky. They need help and support in various stages, to help make this the most amazing experience of their lives.

That is the reason why I would love to offer hypnotherapy to both women and men to:

  • look into and reconcile with their emotions about bringing a new life to the world, (fear is normal, it is probably the biggest decision of our lives!)
  • help them every step of the way, from deciding to get pregnant to conception (including issues such as weight loss, smoking and drinking cessation, healthier life choices for both partners, sailing through possible intrusive treatments)
  • experience getting to know their baby before the birth to help bonding when s(he) arrives,
  • ensure the partner’s readiness and support, that is crucial to the happy family.

This is a momentous time in your life but you don’t have to struggle alone. I am here for you, to give you the support you need and that I wish I had!

(*I don’t do hypnobirthing  but there are many brilliant colleagues who do, that you can find in NCH website.

top image © Kelly Sikkema

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